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Adoption January 24, 2012

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”  John 14:18

“Whether we adopt or help others adopt- can help us peer into the ancient mystery of our faith in Christ and can hep us restore the  fracturing unity and the atrophied mission of our congregations.”     


                                           Russell D. Moore,  Adopted for Life 


Our journey to adoption, I suppose, started the moment our parents chose to give us life.  Then continued throughout our childhoods and into adulthood.  And here we are.  Waiting on our baby.  There could be no stranger of a gift to wait for, no more anticipated, no more already-cherished gift to patiently (sometimes not that patiently) wait on.

While my husband Luke and I were dating we talked about how amazing we thought adoption was, and frequently enjoyed times together with a very special adoptive family.  When we were engaged and “mapping out” our future together, we could envision life together with children who were adopted, but of course “possibly…in the future”.

The day it all “began”

In our married life we would often see or hear of other couples stories and be so moved by them….wondering even more…if this thing we would one day take part in.

Then, in the summer of 2010 Luke, myself, and the kids (then 1 and 2 1/2!) went to Hungary on a 6 week internship for Luke’s school.

Me and a Hungarian friend Anna

Me and a Hungarian friend Anna

Something incredible happened here.  We didn’t visit any orphanages, or meet any adoptable children….but wow did God use this time to SPEAK LOUDLY into our hearts.

You see up until this point God was clearly pointing us in this direction, but with the busyness of this life, we were able to easily push aside those convictions that were only growing stronger.  In Hungary– we were no longer able to do that. We met so many amazing people, many very different from us, and realized how powerful the LOVE of God is all around the world!!! Our eyes were open to loving people in a whole. new. way.

God used several people’s adoption stories in Hungary, and once we came home and BAM BAM BAM— spoke loudly to our fertile hearts.

It was here that this long ago planted seed, was not only watered, but started to sprout.  We HAD to look into this adoption thing.

So we looked…and here we are….waiting. The paper work has long been done, the prayers have been and continue to be lifted for our sweet awaited child. And we wait…


for the glory of God’s love to be revealed even more deeply through the adoption of our son or daughter.

“God sets the lonely in FAMILIES!”

Fast forward a couple of months….

Excited to meet their baby brother!

January 31st, 2012…

Camden Comes Home!!!!!!!!

The adoption agency we used:

Bethany Christian Services

Adoption Organizations:

Lifesong For Orphans   “Bringing Joy and Purpose to Orphans”

Christian Alliance for Orphans

Show Hope “A Movement to Care for Orphans” (Marybeth and Steven Curtis Chapman’s ministry)

My Crazy Adoption  “Exploring Mommyhood and Caring for Orphans”

The ABBA Fund “Financial Solutions for Adoption”

Raising Adopted Children:

Breastfeeding adopted baby

Empowered to Connect

Tapestry- Adoption and Foster Care Ministry