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Sausage Balls with Honey Mustard Sauce April 5, 2013

Filed under: GAPS,Recipes — Lauren @ 9:34 pm


Honey Mustard RECIPE:

1- 12 ounce bottle of mustard (Dijon or stone-ground)

3 T raw honey

2 garlic cloves

½ C oil (I combined olive/almond/sunflower- any of these should work)


  1. Blend first 3 ingredients together in food processor.
  2. Using the dripping attachment, slowly add the oil into top of processor to make dip fluffy and thickened.



Serve with this delicious sausage ball recipe. These are a great appetizer or snack. We keep coming back to this simple and very satisfying recipe. We had leftovers of the honey mustard sauce and found it makes a fantastic salmon or steak marinade.


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