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No-pasta Mac-n-Cheese Cups March 17, 2013

Filed under: GAPS,Recipes — Lauren @ 3:50 pm

Inspired by this recipe.

Although I haven’t tried to, it seems I am mimicking a few pasta dishes lately with my recipes. I do love pasta- can’t help my heritage ;o)- but I honestly haven’t had cravings for pasta since I’ve been on GAPS. It sounds good- but I am by no means craving it. These Mac-n-Cheese cups were VERY satisfying, I can’t wait to make them again!! They really have a mac-n-cheese feel to them….definitely not the Kraft blue box kind, the creamy, soft cheesy kind, like both my mom and mother-in-law make (well made, they’re grain-free currently). I’m sure you could put this into a casserole dish, like you would with pasta mac-n-cheese, but I thought the cups would be fun for the kids, and make them on-the-go. They were a huge hit- and so glad that it is such an easy recipe!


3 C spaghetti squash-cooked

1 C cheddar cheese

¼ C parmesan

1 t real salt, ½ t basil, ½ t garlic powder, pepper

¼ C cream (cultured)

4 eggs

Coarse almond meal


  1. Cook spaghetti squash in large glass pyrex face down for 45 minutes on 350 degrees.

    (take it out before it gets completely cooked, leaving it ‘al dente’)

  2. Beat eggs with cream and spices.
  3. Stir in cheeses and squash.
  4. With kitchen scissors roughly cut the whole mixture, making the squash and cheese more bite-size.
  5. Line muffin tin with liners, pour mixture into each cup, filling to the top.
  6. Top each with a sprinkle of almond meal and extra parmesan/basil.
  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes on 350 degrees until set.


Serve after they have cooled for 5 minutes, or eat straight from the fridge- they are delicious cold! You could probably freeze these well, and take out a batch for a picnic or travel. Can you imagine them with bacon crumbles on top? O-MY—YUM!




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