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Strawberry and Chocolate Wedges February 15, 2013

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


This was the first baked good I have had after almost a month on “GAPS intro diet” for the second time! How exciting! The almond flour in it did not cause any stomach pains or bloating! This was very exciting to me as I have been eating primarily meats and vegetables in the last month. This tasted like heaven in my mouth….don’t be worried though….my husband who has been eating sweeter things in the past month, could not stop raving about them! He thinks they are divine as well :o)


This recipe is a combination of two different recipes I found on other blogs, then tweaked a bit. I will put them here so it’s easier to make. The bars are found here, although I did make some changes. The frosting is found here, and I added cacoa to it.


Although this recipe looks on the longer side, it is truly a simple dessert to make if you have the ingredients. We will be revisiting this treat time and time again i’m certain.




2 C almond flour

2 C fresh strawberries (or 1 ½ C frozen)

1 C raisins

2 T coconut cream

3 T honey

Pinch of real salt


Chocolate Frosting-

10 dates

2 T almond butter (PB should work too)

2 T raw honey

½ t real salt

1 t vanilla extract

3 T water

2 T cacoa/cocoa



  1. Mix bar ingredients together in food processor until well blended.
  2. Grease an 8X8 pan with coconut oil well, and spread mix into pan evenly.
  3. Bake on 250 degrees for about 50-60 minutes until firm and light brown.
  4. Cut into squares and then half the squares diagonally.


  1. Pit dates, add all ingredients into food processor until thick, smooth and spreadable.
  2. Add more cacoa if you want the chocolate flavor to be more intense. Add more water/honey to thin it out.
  3. Once bars are cooled, frost and top with fresh strawberry slice.



Enjoy a delicious, decadent, nutrient-dense dessert that doesn’t require many to ‘hit the spot’…..although it is hard to eat just one!




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