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True Words February 12, 2013

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This past weekend I was so blessed to go with my very close friend to watch her sister speak about “True Words”. The speaker shared her story, her heart and her less than perfect journey with God. She encouraged her listeners that people, and women from the beginning have believed two primary lies that have brought such devastation to their lives…and have caused them to truly miss out on all that God has for them.

One: I am not good enough the way God made me.

Two: God does not really have my best in mind.

I certainly have been there, stayed there, and have even unknowingly lived out my days working from the foundation of those LIES.

A turning point in the speaker’s life was when a good friend told her “don’t be afraid to RECEIVE ALL that God has for you”

Because of the deep roots that these lies have held in our hearts, our fears hold us back from truly, whole-heartedly trusting God’s goodness and plan for our life. When we finally let go of all the lies and fear, and open our hearts to ALL THAT GOD HAS FOR US…..we will be beautifully devastated, unable to go back to the old life…..TRULY LIVING as God intends us to live.

I was sweetly reminded, (isn’t ‘reminding’ what all of scripture does and encourages us to do with one another) of my treasured place before my King, of His delight in me as His daughter and His plans to use me to comfort the broken. ALL because of His great love and sacrifice in His son….completely irrelevant of my vain attempts to ‘try’and love Him.

I DELIGHT in seeing the God I love and follow….REDEEM the broken things of this world. The scarred, wounded, sin-destroyed, battered lives of His people…become restored in the embrace of His love and goodness. There is nothing more powerful to behold than being a part of a God-transformation. I long to be part, any part, of God redeeming His people for as many breaths as He chooses to give me….


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