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The DO’s and DON’Ts of Vaccination January 21, 2013

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Vaccination is clearly a controversial, heated subject, especially when it concerns children. I am a firm believer that informed decisions are possible for any person deciding whether or not to vaccinate…



There are many informational websites and books that will give you a further breakdown of the scientific literature that is available on vaccination. Obviously, it’s not possible as a parent to do your own scientific studies of individual vaccines, combinations of vaccines, or vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children (although, trust me, I would LOVE to do those studies)….it’s also quite the task to read through actual scientific articles published in journals (not impossible though!)…it almost feels like you are reading another language!




SO as informed parents we read through explanations of those journal articles in ‘lay-mens’ terms through educated authors. This still has the potential to be very informative and very very helpful. ALWAYS examine the SOURCE of any health information you read. If it is funded by a pharmaceutical company (MUCH of vaccine literature marketed to parents is), please keep that in mind when it comes to objectivity and agenda. If it is information produced by organizations/government arms such as CDC (Center for Disease Control), AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) or ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices), be mindful of what message they are very purposefully and clearly trying to convey, and information they might leave out to make that message stronger and less controversial. It’s always prudent to look at the author of what you are reading and see who they are, and what their interest in vaccine issues stems from.


Honestly, my favorite authors to read are mainstream medical doctors who have seen firsthand the adverse effects that can be caused by vaccines, and who then choose to personally investigate the scientific literature to see what is actually known about vaccines, apart from the vaccine dogma they were taught in med school.



Once you feel you are thoroughly educated, and have decided if, when and which vaccines you would like to choose…take certain precautions to reduce risk for adverse effects from the vaccines. I am not in any way saying, if you do these things you ELIMINATE the risk of complications….you don’t. Any medical intervention poses risks large or small, known and unknown….and vaccination is not exempt from that reality. I am just aware of some common sense, and not so known ideas, that may help prevent vaccine injuries…and I am all about preventing vaccine injuries.







  • DO NOT get ANY vaccine for your child while they are sick. PERIOD. It does not matter what the office may say.



  • DO attempt to feed a whole-foods diet free of processed foods and white sugar for your child. Preferably always, but definitely the weeks prior to scheduled vaccination.



  • DO administer the chosen vaccines apart from each other. Give as few together as possible (I’m not talking injection, i’m talking vaccine). Limit the # of ‘live’ viruses given together.



  • DO ask the nurse to pull the shot from the vials in front of you. BE SURE if they are multi-dose vials, that she SHAKES it well before pulling it up. (this disperses the preservatives throughout the vial so it doesn’t all end up in your kids body)





  • DO give your child VacciShield prior to vaccination. This combination supplement will help support and fortify your child’s immune system.



  • DO proceed very carefully if your child shows signs of a compromised immune system, chronic problems such as asthma, eczema, allergies, developmental delays or constant infections.



  • DO proceed very carefully if your child was born via C-section and not breastfed. Their beneficial gut-flora may be compromised.



  • DO NOT give your child a vaccine that they have previously reacted too. If you’ve given them together and aren’t sure which one caused the reaction, proceed very cautiously. There is a reason they reacted to it and often subsequent reactions are more severe.



  • DO report any and all reactions to VAERS– Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. (Government system to track reported vaccine injuries)






This is my blog, and my advice, and for some reason you wanted to read it ;o) I’m not your doctor, I’m just another informed mama who genuinely wants to encourage others to be more mindful of their decisions regarding their health! If you wonder where I come off suggesting such things, you can wonder…OR you could ask for more information on where I am coming up with these suggestions.




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