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STARING you in the face December 10, 2012

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Have you ever wondered why everything with the medical world is so complicated?? How about expensive?? Unsafe?? Ineffective??




Example: I have bunions…yes, those not-so-pretty bulges protruding out of the side of my foot. Maybe genetic, definitely aggravated and made much worse by wearing much too tight shoes (high heels FAR too often in my teen years). Anyways, about a year ago they began to hurt so badly I could barely walk. It was worse after I worked a 12 hour shift at the hospital. Intense soreness, almost like I had broken my foot. This really freaked me out as I knew surgery was the only option a foot doctor would have for me.


I quickly visited my old mentality, thinking there is nothing else I can do here besides see a specialist…then I remembered a while back my chiropractor mentioned there are foot splints you can wear at night that help correct bunions. LIGHT BULB! Search online for 10 minutes, found a pair, ordered. Bam. Wear these puppies at night and my pain has virtually gone away. Don’t wear them for several days….pain comes back. Hmmm….hard to tell if they work. NOT!!


This is a very simple example of something so basic
staring you right in the face. If I had gone to a podiatrist they would have offered surgery and if I was dumb enough, I would have proceeded with a horrifically painful surgery, weeks upon weeks of recovery without being able to walk, and who knows what complications from major corrective surgery upon the skeletal system.


    Would that have been worth it? The answer’s pretty clear.


When I was 21 I had an endoscopy procedure done because my acid-reflux had gotten so bad I could barely tolerate in ON the strongest medicine for GERD. I thought surely there is something seriously wrong if I feel this bad. Nope. Negative scope. ‘Nothing there’. Met with the Gastroenterologist with my serious nurse face on, “surely there are other options for this condition, the medication I’m on has only been licensed for 6 week limited usage, beyond that there is an increased risk of esophageal cancer…” He proceeds to quickly answer, “No, this is the standard for GERD, I have nothing else to offer you, you’ll be fine”.


    He TRULY had nothing else to offer me. Haven’t seen a gastroenterologist, or any other ‘specialist’ for that matter, since.


When I got pregnant with Tessa, my midwife said that I should try and get off my medicine and take some efforts to address the problems in my GI system. Probiotic’s and digestive enzymes are the route I took. Reflux quickly dissipated…


    …..and I QUICKLY became profoundly interested in natural health.





These two examples don’t even really address the most MAJOR issue that is staring us in the face as Americans……..FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. The thing we put in our mouths 6 or more times a day….i’m more than perplexed how we have ever gotten to this point where we have COMPLETELY disconnected what we eat, with what is going on inside our bodies. It’s preposterous.



There are countless things that are HIDDEN in plain sight when it comes to our health. Example after example after example there is of people taking the most invasive, expensive, ineffective, dangerous and inconvenient route to ‘fix’ their medical problems…when the answer from nature is accessible all along. NO, I’m not suggesting that wellness is black and white, or promised for everyone who follows ‘all the right rules of nature’, but I AM suggesting that it is SURELY POSSIBLE for FAR more people than have it.


    I’m making a call to USE your God-given, common sense….to return to a view of the body that says “it’s my job to take care of my body”…and look at what may be STARING you RIGHT in the face     when it comes to your own medical problems.





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  1. kmontmeny Says:

    Well put, Lauren!

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