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Broken Philosophy November 21, 2011

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“Doctor, is my baby all right?” is the first question of almost every woman when her child is born.  I myself have heard the question thousands of times.   If every mother’s greatest wish is to have a truly healthy baby, why (in most cases) does she take such poor care of herself before the baby is born?  Any why does she feed her baby from infancy to adulthood so improperly that illness inevitably results?

This century has been called “The Century of the Child” because of the tremendous interest in the physical and psychological growth of children.  But as we look around us, where are these radiantly healthy children?  Certainly their parents are anxious to rear healthy youngsters.  Some eight thousand books on child care have been published in the last 25 years.  Why then are the offices of the country’s thousands of pediatricians and general practitioners filled with runny-nosed, tired, allergic, feverish, rundown, anemic, bespectacled, acne-ridden, too thin or obese children?  The answer is simple:


(1.)  The mother’s body was no fit environment for the child because her system was filled with waste products from improper food, drug residues, coffee acids, the poisons of cigarettes and alcohol.

(2.)  The growing child is improperly fed, spends too much time watching television, is driven everywhere instead of walking and devotes too little time to exercising in fresh air.

-Henry Bieler, MD  Food Is Your Best Medicine

I see parents every day who want healthy children- but the means to their end is almost ALWAYS through MEDICINE.  Medicine does not make one healthy, no one.  Often times medicine does a great job at suppressing symptoms (as in fever for example) or altering body processes (as in high blood pressure medicine), but it will not make the body healthy.  This seems to be a very foreign thought to most parents.  Even one of the few medications that actually does more than symptomatic relief- antibiotics- still falls far short from making the body healthy.  It often times does do its job, in “killing off” the symptom-causing bacteria, but then inadvertently leaves a body defenseless- void of all of its beneficial bacteria.  I was recently told by a conventional doctor that all medications are indeed toxic chemicals introduced to the body….that produce wanted and unwanted affects. 

I had a patient who was bringing her child in for congestion, diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. He was currently on his 5th day of antibiotics for an ear infection, but she was demanding he get MORE!  The practitioner kindly told her that he was on the exact same antibiotic that she would give him, and that simply completing it should do the job for both infections.  This mother was insistent on MORE antibiotics to make him better!! I attempted to explain to her that more of a “good thing” isn’t always better…and that his congestion might also be viral…but after a couple attempts she replied angrily, “I will not talk about this any more…thanks for nothing”, storming out.


Hmmm….I think there are two different things going on here.

A broken philosophy that says “medicine is the primary means to making us healthy” and a broken system that sets children up for reoccurring illnesses.   She was acting out of the philosophy the culture has taught her that says, “When your kid is sick, he needs medicine”.  And I believe her frustration was stemming from the broken system that she ascribes to, that does not make children truly WELL.  Antibiotics are very effective at creating the environment within the body that fosters subsequent infections immediately and long after the course of antibiotics are completed (SOURCE).  This mom feared the almost inevitable fact, he would be back with similar symptoms, “needing” even more antibiotics.

So back to the basics…medicine may at times be necessary, but let us fully understand…IT DOES NOT MAKE US WELL. There are simple things that have sustained humans for centuries that we can once again embrace as modern people to strive toward real health for our families.

As noted above: healthy prenatal environments, fresh air and sun-light, exercise and activities, and maybe most importantly, if not most challenging in today’s world

                                      …nourishing whole foods.


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